ShareKit is an open source project. Anyone can help fix bugs or add new functionality.

To submit a bug or suggestions, please visit the issue tracker on github.


This is a personal side project, so please, please, please before sending an email:

  • Check the Common Issues below
  • Read the Docs
  • Check the Issue Tracker to make sure your suggestion or bug isn't already known

If you have a question about ShareKit drop the creator, Nate Weiner, a line at:

Common Issues

How to get additional debug information

In SHKConfig.h you can enable debug messages in the console. These will show additional information that may help you diagnose or describe problems.

Unknown or missing class

Make sure you import "SHK.h" at the top of any class using ShareKit.

#import "SHK.h"

Missing Root View Controller

ShareKit launches its views from your root viewController as a modal view. It will attempt to find your root view controller on its own. If for some reason it cannot, you can simply assign it manually when launching your app:

[SHK setRootViewController:myViewController];

Reachability / gcc-4.2 failed with exit code 1 / Duplicate symbol

The Reachability class is included in ShareKit. If this class already exists in your project, you'll need to remove it from ShareKit. Open the ShareKit group and delete the Reachability group.

Twitter showing web view instead of native login form

There are two supported methods of authentication for Twitter in ShareKit: OAuth and xAuth. OAuth uses a webview to login the user. This is the default. In order to use xAuth with Twitter you must have xAuth added to your account by Twitter. Contact Twitter to request this. After it is approved change SHKTwitterUseXAuth to 1 in SHKConfig.h.