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ShareKit 0.2.1

August 26th, 2010

Version 0.2.1 of ShareKit is now available and packs a number of bug fixes and improvements.

This particular release had the largest number of contributors, thanks to everyone for their support.


  • Share images with Twitter (using (Thanks innopage!)
  • Option to disable ‘shared with …’ email signature
  • Logout button added to example project
  • Support for Facebook session proxies (Thanks Bryan Bonczek!)


  • Moved translations into file structure that is easier to view in Github
  • OAuth sharers now clear cookies when logged out


  • Translations not being applied
  • Twitter login failed when password had special characters (ex. %&)
  • Twitter dialog appeared blank sometimes
  • Offline sharing of images and files not loading content correctly
  • C++ compile error caused by ‘new’ keyword
  • Twitter dialog no longer displays ‘ALREADY_A_BITLY_LINK’ error when returned from
  • Crash if OAuth authentication failed (Thanks adamawolf!)
  • Crash if asking to autoshare an item that responds NO (Thanks Victor!)
  • SHKMail now listens to SHKModalTransitionStyle
  • SHKMail signature not localized
  • Problems with devices without email configured when displaying actionsheet with few items
  • Issue where SHKActionSheet could respond to the wrong selection
  • Removed auto-correction from login form fields (thanks Victor!)
  • Bug where Facebook post window would not appear while login->logout->log back in (Thanks Adamawolf!)
  • UIImageJPEGRepresention values only accept 0 – 1, values greater than 1 were used in SHKTumblr (Thanks Innopage!)

Version 0.2.0

July 28th, 2010

Version 0.2.0 of ShareKit is now available and brings a number of great updates.

ShareKit is Now Localized!

  • ShareKit now supports localization (thanks steipete!)
  • New language: German translation (thanks steipete!)

New/Updated Sharers

  • SHKPhotoAlbum: Save images to device’s photo album (thanks Richard!)
  • Facebook now accepts text as input.  It will show up as a pre-filled status message the user can edit before sending.


  • Improved display of SHKTwitterForm on iPad
  • Updated FBConnect to version 1.3.0
  • Facebook uses SHKItem.text to pre-fill status messages when sending urls and text.
  • SHKMail has improved handling of text when it is available in SHKItem.
  • SHKMail now adds a ‘Sent from YOUR APP’ signature
  • SHKActionSheet no longer overrides the delegate, allowing you to add your own delegate to the action sheet behavior.
  • SHKTwitter will not try to shorten url if offline

Bug Fixes

  • SHKItem now carries over full item information when sharing through shareItem.
  • Fixed crash when saving items offline that did not contain custom variables.
  • Modal popups would not disappear if using pagesheet modal type on iPad
  • Editing sharers now affects actionsheet choices
  • Fixed race condition in SHKShareMenu
  • Items saved to Delicious were double url encoded

0.1.6 Changelog

July 13th, 2010

- Fixed: logout not working properly on device
- Fixed: logout not working for Facebook
- New method: added +logout to SHKSharer
- Improvements: added sanity check to SHKOAuthView to check if user setup Twitter properly
- Comments: added additional comments on setting up Twitter in SHKConfig

Version 0.1.5: New Services, Critical Fixes, New Features

July 12th, 2010

Version 0.1.5 has been released.  It includes some new services, important bug fixes and a few new features.

New Services

New Configuration Options

  • Debug switch
  • ModalPresentationStyle (for iPad apps)
  • ModalTransitionStyle (for iPad apps)

New Features

Critical Fixes

  • Delicious token expiring after 1 hour
  • could return domains causing shortened url to be rejected

Minor Improvements

  • SHKActionSheet tried to act on indexes less than 0
  • Cancelling OAuth login no longer prompts ‘user cancelled’ error message
  • SHKRequest accepts a 201 status as successful

Changelog: 0.1.2

July 5th, 2010



- Support for rotation


- Refactored to match templates
- Do not present share form if nil is returned for -shareFormFieldsForType



- Sharing image process was interrupted if FB login dialog was presented first.


- Added ‘Copied!’ indicator after action completes.

Changelog: 0.1.1

July 1st, 2010


- Twitter OAuth mistakenly sending xAuth headers
- UIJpegRepresentation quality parameter changed from 100 to 1 (proper range is 0-1)

Changelog: Version 0.1.0

July 1st, 2010

Initial preview release