ShareKit 0.2.1

August 26th, 2010

Version 0.2.1 of ShareKit is now available and packs a number of bug fixes and improvements.

This particular release had the largest number of contributors, thanks to everyone for their support.


  • Share images with Twitter (using (Thanks innopage!)
  • Option to disable ‘shared with …’ email signature
  • Logout button added to example project
  • Support for Facebook session proxies (Thanks Bryan Bonczek!)


  • Moved translations into file structure that is easier to view in Github
  • OAuth sharers now clear cookies when logged out


  • Translations not being applied
  • Twitter login failed when password had special characters (ex. %&)
  • Twitter dialog appeared blank sometimes
  • Offline sharing of images and files not loading content correctly
  • C++ compile error caused by ‘new’ keyword
  • Twitter dialog no longer displays ‘ALREADY_A_BITLY_LINK’ error when returned from
  • Crash if OAuth authentication failed (Thanks adamawolf!)
  • Crash if asking to autoshare an item that responds NO (Thanks Victor!)
  • SHKMail now listens to SHKModalTransitionStyle
  • SHKMail signature not localized
  • Problems with devices without email configured when displaying actionsheet with few items
  • Issue where SHKActionSheet could respond to the wrong selection
  • Removed auto-correction from login form fields (thanks Victor!)
  • Bug where Facebook post window would not appear while login->logout->log back in (Thanks Adamawolf!)
  • UIImageJPEGRepresention values only accept 0 – 1, values greater than 1 were used in SHKTumblr (Thanks Innopage!)