How to Add a New Action to ShareKit

Creating a new action in ShareKit is very easy. Because ShareKit takes care of the UI , all you need to do is complete the logic .

Step 1: Install ShareKit and Templates

If you haven't already, follow this steps to get ShareKit and the service templates.

Step 2: Create Your New Class

Creating the Class File

Open the example project included in the ShareKit download in Xcode.

In the project's file list, expand the folders to find the Actions group. It is in ShareKit/Sharers/Actions. Note: You may want to look at other existing classes for examples.

Create a new group with the name of your action.

Right click the group and select Add->Add new file...

In the New File dialog, you should see ShareKit listed under User Templates on the left. Select ShareKit and then select 'New Action'. Hit next.

Name your class with the following format:


For example, 'Read it Later' would be SHKReadItLater.

Adding the Class to the services list

Open the file SHKSharers.plist (In ShareKit/Core/)

Expand the Actions array.

Click the icon at the end of the 'Actions' row to add a new entry. It doesn't matter the order of where the new row appears.

Enter your class name and save the plist.

Step 3: Define Your Action

The template has comments that will walk you through setting up your service. Start at the top and work your way down, build out your class and then come back here when you are done.

I strongly recommend you read Understanding the share flow in the documentation. It walks you through how the users steps through a service and will give you a good understanding of how your service will work.

Additional topics you may need to read about:

Step 4: Submit Your Service

Once your service class has been tested (you tested it right?), you can submit it to If your service requires a login and/or api key, please send an api key and user account so it can be tested quickly.

Github users: The ideal way to submit a service is by forking ShareKit and doing a pull request.

Once it's been tested, it'll be included in the next build of ShareKit.