How to Add a New Service to ShareKit

Modifying an Existing Service

If a service is already built into ShareKit and you'd like to help improve it, please do not submit your fixes as a new service. Head over to the Improve ShareKit section for information on helping out.

Creating a New Service

Step 1: Download ShareKit

You'll need a copy of ShareKit in order to test your service. An example project is included in the ShareKit download that you can use to test in. Download ShareKit »

Step 2: Download Templates

ShareKit has templates that will help you get started quickly.

Download Templates

Step 3: Add Templates to Xcode

Open Finder

Browse to ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/

If you've never added a file template to Xcode you may need to create a 'File Templates' folder here.

Move the contents of the template download into the File Templates folder. You should now have a ShareKit folder inside of your File Templates folder. (see screenshot below)

Step 4: Create your service

What type of service do you want to create?